Saturday, January 2, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Britney spears nudity. Some picz.

Britney spears nudity. Fresh pics...
britney spears nuditybritney spears nuditybritney spears nuditybritney spears nuditybritney spears nudity
What do u think of Miley Cyrus? * Pictures included *? honestly, I loved them at first. I mean, what is not about a 13yo girl living her dream of love? but I think they are far too broad. It seems as if her back takes a step forward and two steps. she is 15 years old, but she acts like shes 20 (or worse). i dont think that there is reason to hate them, but do not like, is completely understandable. they fully exploited their fame! I mean, seriously! it makes a big mistake and says sorry over!? I hate to say it, but she is definitely walking in the same path as Britney Spears is turned on. I mean, some of the pictures taken by her ... whats next? Nudity? a sex tape? it has not already lost their virginity (pregnant, I thank God tho)! I mean, if you love it when I get out of ur but be like, well, then bad, then good, then bad ... etc. I only wish their parents had a tighter leash on them, because the do not, what should 15yo girls 2 b to ... I mean, shes nice and all, but they need boundaries ...
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Britney spears nip slip. Extra.

Britney spears nip slip. New pics from google.

britney spears nip slipbritney spears nip slipbritney spears nip slip
I think my girl Britney Spears is about to flash this weekend? Seems to save the nip slip shots and Coochie for the weekend.
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Britney spears strip. Oops pics!

Britney spears strip. Great picz:

britney spears stripbritney spears stripbritney spears strip

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